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Bachelorette Party Game, Scratch Off Dare Cards (30 Pack)


Pack of 30 Bachelorette Dare Cards - Bachelorette Party Game - Scratch Off Cards

  • FUN DARE CARDS: Dares are fun and nothing too risqué
  • 30 CARDS TOTAL: There are 30 Dare Cards in total, each one with a different dare!
  • EASY TO PLAY: Host hands out cards to players at a bachelorette party. Players scratch off the card to reveal the 'dare'. Players must either do the 'dare' or buy the bachelorette a drink.
  • HIGH QUALITY & BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: Printed on heavy duty cardstock. Cocktail illustration along with black and pink design is striking and vivid.
  • DIMENSIONS: Each Dare Card measures 4.1 x 3 inches