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3 Pack 60th Birthday Party Tablecloth Table Cover for Men Women, 54 x 108"


  • It includes 3 pieces of table covers for party where each piece has 0.03 mm thickness.
  • This birthday party table cover is soft with excellent abrasion resistance. It is eco-friendly and easily disposable.
  • This 60th birthday party table cover can be folded or cut with scissors with great ease.
  • Compared to other plastic table cloths, this is cost effective, light weight, and sturdy.

This Plastic Table Cover is specially designed for the 60th birthday party. This party table cover is large enough for your long tables. The outer layer of this plastic table cloth avoids damage from stains and its strong back adds weight to ensure it remains in place. This plastic table cover even prevents the top from scratches and is considered best for porch cafes and other outdoor restaurants.